Monday, November 21, 2005

free .NET obfuscators

Many of you might already be knowing about this, but its still worth mentioning. I came across this .NET reflection tool long back which was developed by a German Software engineer named Lutz Roeder who now works for Microsoft. The tool can be found at

The best part of this tool is that its free and I even had success in disassembling some of today's most successful enterprise components like Infragistics, DeveloperExpress etc. I know of other tools like which fail to do the same and/or has limits.

It is more similar to the ILDASM.exe that comes with the .NET framework but this tool has more features like showing the lists of base types and descendant types, a list of dependencies for the assembly and call trees etc.

More pointers to the subject can be found here

Attached the tool in the zip file, thought I could save some trouble downloading it since accessing the site itself takes minutes.

Now, does anybody know any good "free" .NET obfuscators apart from the one that ships with Visual Studio .NET 2003 (Dotfuscator from PreEmptive Solutions) ?
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